Who We Are

We Provide Venezuela Charity Service Since 2011

The mission of AVENEXT is to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans in need, promote and preserve our foundation among the members of our community, providing them with resources and services raised through cultural exchange events that promote the importance of moral values, human rights, education and leadership.
AVENEXT changes the negative to positive and gets communities involved in projects that make them proud and that deliver results, because Venezuela is a country to love.

How can we help?

Charity For Education

Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single

Charity For Health

Discover how far your investment dollars can go to assist families and vulnerable

Charity For Food

Our support creates self-sustaining, powered communities

Why Choose Us?

The vision of AVENEXT is to provide humanitarian assistance to people in need in Venezuela, in the United States and around the world by supporting educational initiatives, enhancing the importance of the Venezuelan culture and traditions within the Latin American framework, raising environmental awareness, through reforestation practices and the protection of green areas; and uniting Venezuelan restaurants, youth associations and other organizations abroad.

The finality of AVENEXT is to provide humanitarian assistance to people in need in Venezuela.

Become A Volunteer

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids.